It takes years of perseverance to become a Barrister, and the hard work certainly doesn’t stop when you are admitted to the Bar.  But what if your career had to take a back seat because of sickness or injury?  Could you afford the time off you might need to recover?

Our adviser Ben Donald is authorised to provide advice on both personal and general insurance products*, and is therefore in a unique position to assist Barristers through our relationship with Bar Cover^.

Established in 1962 and run solely by Barristers, Bar Cover can provide up to $10,000 per week in benefits.  The insurance cover is issued by the Barristers Sickness and Accident Fund Pty Ltd | ABN 82 343 104 276 | under Australian Financial Services Licence No 263713.  To find out more, please speak to one of our advisers.

Insurance for New Barristers
If you are a new Barrister, we have access to insurance cover specifically tailored to you for life cover, total & permanent disablement, and trauma cover, up to certain limits without the need for mandatory medical & financial evidence** normally required for these benefits.

For an insurance solution tailored for Barristers, please contact us for further information.

* All General insurance advice provided to clients of ABFS Life Pty Ltd or ABFS (SA) Pty Ltd, is provided by Benjamin Donald, an Authorised Representative (ASIC AR No: 337481) of  Austbrokers Sydney Pty Ltd | ABN 14 061 968 090 | AFSL No. 244244. The Financial Services Guide (FSG) that covers this advice can be found by clicking on the link HERE.

^ Advice for Bar Cover is provided under licence by Austbrokers Sydney Pty Ltd | ABN 14 061 968 090 | AFSL 244244.  Please follow the links for a copy of the Financial Services Guide & Privacy Statement issued by Austbrokers Sydney Pty Ltd for Ben Donald.


** Mandatory medical & financial evidence may be waived but any applications will still be subject to underwriting and disclosures on the insurance provider’s personal statement.