Aviation professionals have a unique skill set and a unique set of requirements when it comes to personal insurance. At ABFS we provide insurance to all types of aviation professionals, from mustering pilots to instructors and their trainees.  When it comes to offering insurance to pilots, the differences between insurers is vast and is constantly shifting.  As a general rule pilots are only able to obtain life and trauma insurance; unless flying minimal hours or as a commercial pilot for a major airline.  By choosing to work with ABFS you can be assured that we speak with many insurers to obtain the best outcome for you, your family and business.

Having a personal insurance plan in place that is tailored to your needs may help give you the peace of mind you need to get the job done without worrying about what might happen to you or your family if you got injured on the job.

Please contact us to start the discussion to put an appropriate life insurance plan in place, to help protect you and your family.

For specialist information about our insurance & advice for aviation professionals, please ask for Ben Donald.