Superannuation is one of the main financial structure through which most employees will accumulate wealth.

ABFS has relationships with leading superannuation providers and industry experts and we are able to guide you through the complexities of superannuation to assist you in selecting the most effective superannuation arrangement for your individual business’ needs.

We are committed to providing a holistic service offering benefits to the client business both directly and through the goodwill generated by the provision of benefits to its employees.

We can review and report on your present superannuation arrangements, and offer advice and implementation support where an opportunity exists for these arrangements to be improved.

Services provided to employer

  • Co-ordinate reviews and provide recommendation on default super fund
  • Recommend default investment and insurance for default fund
  • Review group insurance arrangements every year

Services provided to employees

  • Seminars on superannuation and default fund up-dates
  • Free initial consultation when seeking financial planning advice
  • Discounted financial plans for all default superannuation members
  • Subscribed to online newsletters & articles