At ABFS, we have partnered with ProCare, a nationally approved workplace rehabilitation provider, with over 130 “return to work” experts across Australia. They have a proven track record delivering tailored and effective services to promote recovery, return to work and beneficial outcomes for your employees, should they become injured or sick.

A sample of the full scope of rehabilitation services they offer, includes:

  • Early Intervention programs to quickly address and manage injuries;
  • Resilience and tailored Psychological services, by our expert team including registered psychologists;
  • Same & New Employer return to work programs, facilitating return to pre-injury duties or new suitable employment;
  • Career transition, coaching & job seeking, to facilitate real and meaningful return to new suitable employment.

Together with ProCare, ABFS can help you develop a client/employee-centric, tailored and effective solution for wellness, recovery, and healthy work to ensure your employees are at their best before, during and after any illness and injury. Please contact us today for more information and to discuss the various options available to you and your employees

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